UGC-NET Solved Paper - I Previous Question Papers with Answer : Free Download

UGC-NET Solved Paper - I 

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1JUNE  - 2006Click Here
2DECEMBER - 2006Click Here
3JUNE  - 2007Click Here
4DECEMBER - 2007Click Here
5JUNE - 2008Click Here
6DECEMBER  - 2008Click Here
7JUNE-2009Click Here
8DECEMBER- 2009Click Here
9JUNE - 2010Click Here
10DECEMBER- 2010Click Here
11JUNE  - 2011Click Here
12DECEMBER - 2011Click Here
13JUNE  - 2012Click Here
14DECEMBER - 2012Click Here
15JUNE - 2013Click Here
16DECEMBER  - 2013Click Here
17JUNE - 2014Click Here
18DECEMBER  - 2014Click Here
19JUNE - 2015Click Here
20DECEMBER- 2015Click Here
21JULY - 2016Click Here
22JANUARY - 2017Click Here
23NOVEMBER- 2017Click Here
24JULY  - 2018Click Here
25NOVEMBER - 2018Click Here