Important Questions for NET Exam in Computer Science Paper-III

1.Semaphores are basically used to solve the problem of
  1. Deadlock
  2. Mutual Exclusion
  3. Messaging
  4. Critical Region
Answer: (2)

2. Which of the below option is not an operating system call?
  3. LINK
Answer: (4)

3. We may define virtual memory  as
  1. an memory basically used for handling the network traffic.
  2. as extremely large memory
  3. an illusion of an extremely large memory
  4. a type of memory used in super computers for research work only.
Answer: (3)

4. Banker's Algorithm is usually used  as
  1. Deadlock recovery method
  2. Deadlock avoidance method
  3. Detection of Protocols identification method.
  4. Deadlock detection method.
Answer: (2)

5. In concurrent programming the classical problem is:
  1. the producer/consumer
  2. compacting
  3. Remaining in the cycle of execution
  4. external fragmentation
Answer: (1)